Hugo Peixoto

NEATSqueak @ EPIA'2009

Published on June 16, 2009

Dear Hugo Peixoto, We have the pleasure to inform you that your contribution entitled NeatSqueak on wheels: Neural networks applied to movement optimization of a simulated robot (paper #131) submitted to EPIA’2009 has been accepted for presentation at the conference in Aveiro, October 12-15, 2009, and publication in the conference proceedings.

Somehow, we’re in. Our first NEATSqueak related paper got accepted!

This paper is the result of our work done during the Robotics course. It focuses on the application of unsupervised learning methods to the Ciber-Rato competition. We developed a neural network to control a simple robot so that he follows a set of points.

I don’t know how it got accepted; we were severely bashed on most of the four reviews and our work was very simple, not even suitable for a conference. We were just aiming at getting a good grade on our course.

Now we need to review a couple of issues, and we’ll be presenting it in October, at EPIA’2009. I really hope we don’t get flamed much during the discussion.