Hugo Peixoto


Hello, I'm wiki/Hugo Peixoto and I like programming and fixing bugs.

Using software is a great way of finding bugs in it. Every time I find a bug, I try to fix it. This has led me to contribute to several projects in many different programming languages.

I organize Porto codes, a monthly programming meetup, and I have a podcast in portuguese: Conversas em Código. I'm a member of Associação Nacional para o Software Livre and Associação D3 - Defesa dos Direitos Digitais. I'm a maintainer of Cyberscore, a video game records community, and of F-Zero Central, a community of F-Zero fans.

Support me on github if you enjoy my work. It helps me keep going.

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Status update, October 2022

Late october update, I’m moving cities again. I managed to do a bunch of small tasks in several different projects.

Status update, September 2022

This month I was mostly focused on organizing events. I was the AV team for a conference in Lisbon and the organizer of another one in Porto.

My conference livestreaming setup at GambiConf

I volunteered to be the AV team at GambiConf, an in-person conference in Lisbon. Some things didn’t go exactly as planned, so here’s a summary of how things went.