Hugo Peixoto


Hello, I'm Hugo Peixoto, and I like programming and fixing bugs.

Using software is a great way of finding bugs in it. Every time I find a bug, I try to fix it. This has led me to contribute to several projects in many different programming languages.

I'm one of the two organizers of Porto codes, a monthly programming meetup. I also have a podcast in portuguese: Conversas em Código,

Support me on github if you enjoy my work. It helps me keep going.

Latest articles

Brute forcing my own passphrase

Six months ago, I found an ssh key whose passphrase I couldn’t remember. It’s been bothering me ever since. Today I thought of a potential candidate and added some brute force to the mix.

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Self-hosting nameservers for my domains

In an attempt to self-host all the things, I decided to try self-hosting nameservers for my domains.

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Status update, October 2020

October is over, onto November.

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