Hugo Peixoto


Hi there! I'm wiki/Hugo Peixoto and I like programming and fixing bugs.

I am a software developer that believes that people should be in control of the technology they use. I prefer to produce Free Software and not to contribute to surveillance capitalism technology. I like to work on internal tools or R&D projects. I enjoy fixing bugs, optimizing, and improving codebases.

You can find me on the Fediverse or on Twitter. I'm also on Codeberg, GitLab, and GitHub. Or just send me an email:

Support me on github if you enjoy my work. It helps me keep going.

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Status update, January to March 2024

This quarter I did a bunch of work for ANSOL, built a rust WebAssembly tool for Cyberscore and organized a meetup.

Reflections on 2023

It’s 04:00 and I can’t sleep, so here’s an update. I stopped writing monthly updates a year ago, so this is an attempt at making up for it.

More Fresh shenanigans

I implemented another Fresh webservice thing for Cyberscore to parse an incremental game’s save file. Had to deal with a bunch of typescript shenanigans from upstream.