Hugo Peixoto


Hello, I'm Hugo Peixoto, and I like programming and fixing bugs.

Using software is a great way of finding bugs in it. Every time I find a bug, I try to fix it. This has led me to contribute to several projects in many different programming languages.

I'm one of the two organizers of Porto codes, a monthly programming meetup. I also have a podcast in portuguese: Conversas em Código,

Support me on github if you enjoy my work. It helps me keep going.

Latest articles

Setting up an ink! development environment

I’m working on bringing upgradeability to ink! smart contracts, so this post describes how I setup my ink! development environment.

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Status update, January 2021

Cyberscore, cyberscore, cyberscore. January was mostly Cyberscore.

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More PHP and MySQL findings

As I continue to work on Cyberscore, I keep finding new quirks / features in PHP and MySQL.

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