Hugo Peixoto

Next steps

Published on May 30, 2020

I’m no longer working for Fractal. Life on Mars is also on its way out. This means that I am, excluding some administration/cleanup tasks, free.

My plan for June (and probably July) is to have little to no plan. No failure conditions. I want to relax for a bit, do some cleanup, focus on some on other things that were lower priority. Here are some digital related things I’d like to do, in no particular order.

Clean up my email inbox. It’s currently at 300+ entries, and it’s mostly:

If there are any important emails in there, I haven’t seen them. I need to go on an unsubscribing spree. I’d like to start using my own domain, to have provider portability instead of depending on gmail, but that feels like a bigger endeavor.

Start using RSS again. I used google reader a lot. I signed up for theoldreader and imported my subscriptions there, but barely touched it again. Most of the blogs I used to follow are no longer updated. I’ve recently started reading webcomics again, and RSS is probably the sanest way of keeping track of it. I want to look at self hosting options.

Finish editing Porto codes videos. We’ve published 13 videos so far, but there are still a few missing. I’m currently distanced from my editing machine, so that’s going to be a bit hard, but I need to solve that problem.

Set up a bookmarking / read later system. I have a bunch of tabs open for later. Unfortunately, my laptop is super unstable and crashes a lot, and sometimes chromium won’t remember open tabs. Ideally, this would plug into the RSS feed.

Get a new laptop or reconfigure this one. I configured the laptop on 2015-12-26, and I had some issues with the graphics drivers and built a custom kernel to be able to use the newest releases. Running yarn build in some projects brings my machine to a halt, probably due to only having 8gb of ram and a few chromium profiles open. My X11 configuration stopped working a few months ago, pushing me to finally switch to sway, because I needed it working quickly and didn’t have time to debug what was happening. I recently noticed that the lower left part of the screen is full of dead pixels.

Remove authenticator codes from my old phone. I changed from a MotoG3 to a Nokia 6.1 a couple of years ago, but I never bothered to migrate all of the TOTP keys to the new one. I need to do that, because I want to explore alternatives to Google Android and I would need to wipe my MotoG3 for that.

I should also do something about sorting out my digital home (terabytes of files), but I’ve been trying to do that for literally years and it is not getting any easier with the passing of the years.

Eventually I will need to start thinking about what’s next, professionally. I may do some small freelance gigs meanwhile. I’m open to suggestions :p