Hugo Peixoto

Rails and RailsBridge BugMash

Published on August 10, 2009

During the past weekend, the Rails team organized a BugMash with the help of the RailsBridge community. More than 180 tickets from Rails Lighthouse were chosen and targeted during the past 48 hours.

They were even able to gather a few prizes to raffle off. The more contributions you made, the higher the chance to win something. About 120 tickets were solved during this joint effort and a few new bugs were discovered, so I’d say that this initiative was pretty successful.

I was able to commit 6 patches to both 2.3-stable and master branches. A part of me will be in Rails 3.0! Neat, huh? I had lots of fun digging around mostly through activerecord and actionpack. I also had the opportunity to get in touch with git — branching, patching and whatnot. Lets see if I can win some cute books!