Hugo Peixoto

Status update, August 2020

Published on August 31, 2020

August is over, time for a new monthly update.

I started helping out with the Cyberscore project. The current version is not free software, but there are plans to open up version 5. I wrote about some of the issues I found, and recorded a podcast episode on it as well. I’m currently editing the episode and it should go live this week. I’m learning Laravel to see if it’s a good fit for the new version.

I’ve also joined ANSOL and made some contributions to, a project that monitors failures to comply with the national open standards regulation. In the process I found a bug and submitted a fix to html-xml-utils. The fix was released in version 7.9. I’m trying to get it packaged by Debian:

My contributions to ANSOL’s RNID project (mostly in portuguese):

I also started working on a way to reduce the repetition in these scripts and make it easier to add new ones. No PR yet, but there’s a branch.

The veekun / pokedex project is starting to have some activity again. The current version uses pylons and it doesn’t support python 3, so it’s being upgraded to pyramid. I helped porting one of the sections:

The pyramid version is live at

During the week from 16 to 23 Summer Games Done Quick and Games Made Quick happened and I spent some time trying to build a game with bevy, a rust ECS game engine. I’m working on a blog post detailing what I learned and what I built.

I randomly bumped into some warnings in the microformats gem in ruby 2.7. I submitted some fixes that were already merged:

I finally got around to finish automating the nginx configuration and deployment of static websites on my server. I built a small tool:

It still needs some love if I want to make it usable by someone else, so I documented those issues in the project’s readme.

I also noticed I had broken vasteroids by upgrading aframe to 1.0.0, a version that changed a lot of APIs. I spent some time fixing those issues and the live version should work fine.