Hugo Peixoto

Status update, October 2021

Published on November 02, 2021

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I spent most of October focused on ANSOL projects. I also found some time to play around with PeerTube and setup an instance focused on portuguese content:

October accomplishments

I edited and published four episodes of Conversas em Código this month (one per week). Let’s see if I can keep up the pace during November.

The D3 project was put on hold, thanks to an issue with a third party.

I’m practically finished with ANSOL’s website rewrite. I started out with the Academic theme but tweaked it up to a point where it’s basically its own theme right now. Now I need to get this reviewed, migrate some content that was created on Drupal during October, and ship it.

Thanks to a Hacktoberfest event organized by Pedro Pinto Silva, I made a few contributions to Collabora Online. It was my first time working with this codebase, but their “Easy Hacks” issues were a good starting point. The team was super helpful and responsive.

I edited and published ANSOL’s 20th year anniversary celebration event presentations. We were having some trouble uploading them to, so I decided to setup a personal PeerTube instance. The problems were fixed, so we didn’t use this instance, but I decided to keep it anyway. I’m planning on mirroring the videos from Porto Codes and maybe even upload the audio from Conversas em Código. I also contributed some pt-PT translations.

The PeerTube instance is available at

I’m still not sure what I’ll do with this instance, but it’ll be focused on portuguese content. So if you want to start publishing some videos and want to avoid companies like YouTube, send me a message and we can discuss hosting them here.

November plans

I want to keep publishing weekly podcast episodes during November. I also want to write a blog post other than the status update, since I kind of stopped writing them.

I’ll push to get ANSOL’s new website deployed and then focus on other projects.

I’m thinking of recording a couple of introductory videos on Matrix and other federated networks in Portuguese.