Hugo Peixoto

Status update, April 2022

Published on April 27, 2022

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I wrote the quarterly newsletter describing our activities during Q1. This week I also helped with translating and publishing an open letter on the universal right to install any software on any device. You can read the full letter on FSFE’s website, and check ANSOL’s statement on our website.

Pokémon things

I restarted the idea of tracking my Pokémon TCG collection. A few months ago I had built a command line tool for this, but I decided to upgrade it to a web app since most of the time it’s helpful to see the card images. The main goal of this project is to be able to quickly register which cards I have and to keep it up to date.

The way I decided to do this was to create “bags” of cards, representing physical spaces where my cards are stored. I have binders, decks, and bulk boxes.

Each of these bag types has their own input method, optimized for data insertion. For example, I use 3x3 binders for each set where cards are sorted by number (with gaps for cards that I don’t have). To register each binder page, I press the 1-9 keys on the numpad, each representing a binder page slot, and use Enter to move to the next page. This lets me register a full binder in a minute or so.

I didn’t want to spend much time writing backend/frontend code, so I went with EmberJS for the frontend, using their json:api adapter to talk to a Sinatra app that uses Sinja, an extension that helps you quickly build json:api services. Sinja doesn’t support the latest Ruby, so I started a branch to fix this and other limitations: The backend stores things in jsonl files because I didn’t bother setting up a database and it was easier to manually tweak things like this.

I also took some notes of the EmberJS first-user experience, and reported a couple of issues:

The code is available on github:

Other stuff

There wasn’t much going on this month, I had to spend some time doing freelance work. The next project will be installing some zigbee power meter things around the office to see how much energy the computers are consuming. I also want to finally move away from PTISP to stop wasting money there.