Hugo Peixoto

Status update, May 2022

Published on June 09, 2022

Table of contents

Personal infrastructure

I started the month by moving away from PTISP to a slightly cheaper host with IPv6 support. That particular server was hosting a bunch of dokku web applications, most of which could be shut down. The only one that survived was my Miniflux installation. Instead of serving it through dokku, I’m now using podman.

I’ve also decided, for some reason that I don’t remember, to enable IndieAuth on my domain (as an identity provider). I implemented the necessary endpoints in a new project in Rust:


Veloren is a multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust, fully open-source and licensed under GPL 3. I was giving it a try when I noticed a weird NPC behavior. They would get stuck for no apparent reason in certain positions, ending up in weird clusters:

Since the game development is community driven and open source, I tried to contribute with some patches. Instead of starting with the NPC bug, I searched the issue tracker for something that felt easier so I could test the waters. I found one that required adding a feature in one of the shaders, and submitted a MR: Split sky shader’s twilight into dawn and dusk.

After that was done, I started tackling the NPC bug. I was able to find a couple of bugs and fix them: Fix path finding bugs. Even with these fixes applied there are still some issues. I have prepared a fix or two for some of those, but haven’t submitted MRs yet.


Right now, the only way we have for members to pay their membership fees is via bank transfer. We’re working on adding a couple more payment methods, so I’ve been exploring ifthenpay’s APIs and figuring out how to integrate it with our systems.