Hugo Peixoto

Status update, September 2022

Published on October 02, 2022

Table of contents

This month I was mostly focused on organizing events. I was the AV team for a conference in Lisbon and the organizer of another one in Porto.


I organized an event celebrating Software Freedom Day 2022. This included finding speakers, designing the poster, finding and booking a dining place, spreading the word, and recording and editing the videos. The presentations are now available online.

Our member management platform is ready to be deployed. It now includes a task that imports data from a custom CiviCRM dump, so the only thing that we need to do is enable saucy and disable CiviCRM. Our ansible repository needed some changes so I took the time to redesign our LXD saucy container.

We have the opportunity to prepare a document for the 2022 OGP Europe Regional Meeting. We only have a week or so to prepare, so it’s kind of tight. I’ll probably be focusing on that this week.


Cyberscore has a feature where you upload a bunch of screenshots and it automatically scans the images for high scores. This saves players a lot of time when submitting to games with tons of charts.

This feature is implemented as a bunch of javascript and a WASM rust module that does the actual image detection. I’m not super happy with the state of things, so I’ve been working on redesigning most of it. One important thing is having some feedback when the module fails to detect any high scores, so I’m adding a debug mode that displays some logging information and bounding boxes. I’ve also moved from vanilla javascript to Preact.

We’re having some weird server issues that causes occasional downtime windows. I still haven’t found the cause, but it’s likely that it’s caused by the cron jobs that recalculate the scoreboards slowing down. Since the cron job runs every five minutes, sometimes a new job starts before the last one finishes, which probably makes things worse.

Random stuff

Like I mentioned, I volunteered to be the AV team for GambiConf, an in-person conference in Lisbon. You can read more about the experience in My conference livestreaming setup at GambiConf.

I’ve been working with DevPT to start a weekly code challenge initiative. We’ll be using codewars, so we’ll be picking some code challenges from their roster instead of having to design our own. I built a custom leaderboard for our members. I’ve also volunteered to setup a FOSS infrastructure for their meetups to get them off Zoom.

October plans

It’s hacktoberfest again, so I’m planning on organizing an event or two focused on open source contributions. I’d also like to finish implementing all the base set cards on my Pokémon TCG engine and start to implement a graphical interface.