Hugo Peixoto

Status update, January to March 2024

Published on April 01, 2024

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We’ve started writing articles for a paper publication, PCGuia. I personally wrote two opinion columns, one about Router Freedom and one with a few suggestions for the new goverment (a shorter version of ANSOL’s article on the same topic).

FOSDEM happened, and travelled there on ANSOL’s behalf. We had a few meetings with Portuguese Members of the European Parliament, joined the Matrix Community Meetup, and hung out with other Free Software groups. We’ve also had a meeting with someone from the Institute of Registries and Notary.

A group picture taken at the Matrix Community Meetup in Brussels showing around 30 attendees in a crowded hackerspace room with several Club Mate bottles on the table

ANSOL had its elections in March, which means we had to prepare a bunch of documents to present during the General Assembly. I wrote the activity and financial statements report for 2023 and the programme for 2024. During this GA I was elected as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the next two years. Three of the five members are new to the board, so there was a lot of onboarding that needed to be done.

I’ve been working on saucy again. I upgraded its rails version and rewrote the whole notification system. I’ve also added solid_queue, now that it has recurring tasks support. With puma’s solid_queue plugin, this means we no longer need an additional daemon or the host’s cron to run the scheduled tasks, which simplifies deployment.

Other organizations have shown interest in using saucy, so I’ve submitted a grant proposal to NLNet’s Common Fund to make it a bit more flexible and usable. I’ve published the text of my proposal.

Porto Codes

I organized a meetup in January, with around 20 attendees. It was a failed attempt at restarting the monthly events. I couldn’t schedule anything for February due to scheduling conflicts and didn’t even try in March. I’ll be out of the country during April so… maybe in May? We recorded this event, so now I need to edit and publish it.


One of the few games that I’ve been playing that’s on cyberscore is Melvor Idle. Just like Pokéclicker, it’s an incremental game where you just check it from time to time and numbers go up. I didn’t want to submit 4000 scores manually, so I made a tool where you upload your savefile and it extracts all the scores. I couldn’t easily repurpose the game’s javascript files so I went with rust compiled to WebAssembly. The code is available on gitlab.